Tetiaroa Society

The Tetiaroa Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, conversation, and education related to the delicate ecology of the atoll.

The goal of this organization is to create a scientific and educational window into the biodiversity of Tetiaroa, with the possibility of developing controlled eco-tourism and raising public awareness regarding the fragility of our biodiversity.

To reach this purpose, the Tetiaroa Society will manage a research center on Motu Onetahi that will provide the following functions:

  • Offering researchers and scientists around the world a place to gather and conduct biodiversity research,
  • Coordinating educational programs for Tetiaroa’s residents and visitors,
  • Offering “green” classes that allow children from primary and secondary Polynesian schools to discover the richness of the atoll and of the local culture, and that raise awareness in the new generation about the issues they will be facing without more responsible development.

The Tetiaroa Society faces the challenge of creating a model for the preservation of tropical biodiversity and sustainable development, a challenge it will assume with the strong support of its founding members, which include:

  • Brando Enterprises, an organization established in 2009 by The Marlon Brando Living Trust
  • Te Mana o Te Moana, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection of the marine life of French Polynesia
  • Coral Recifal Institute of French Polynesia, an organization specializing in reef preservation and marine research
  • SA Frangipani, the legal owner of the Tetiaroa atoll
  • Pacific Beachcomber SC

For more information, please contact the Tetiaroa Society at tetiaroasociety@gmail.com or www.tetiaroasociety.com.

About Brando Enterprises

Brando Enterprises was established in 2009 by The Marlon Brando Living Trust to consolidate aspects of the Brando Trust and former Brando loan out corporation Penny Poke Farms into a single operating entity. Brando Enterprises’ mission is to protect the Marlon Brando name, likeness and personality, manage the preservation and archiving of Brando memorabilia for the purpose of future exploitation and film participation interests and oversee licensing programs based on the iconic film star according to his wishes and on behalf of the Brando family beneficiaries. Co-trustees are movie producer Mike Medavoy, accountant and business manager Larry Dressler and family friend Avra Douglas. For more information, please visit www.marlonbrando.com.

About SA Frangipani

SA Frangipani is a French Polynesia SA and is the legal owner of the Tetiaroa atoll. SA Frangipani was established by Marlon Brando in the early 1990s. In 2005 SA Frangipani entered into deal with Pacific Beachcomber involving the development of The Brando on Tetiaroa. Teihotu Brando, Marlon’s third oldest son, is the current President of SA Frangipani, and several other Brando family members are current shareholders.